We make candles of various brands as products and as giveaways for events.
Using existing candle molds, we make candles in colors and scents that match your brand and concept. Product labels can also be created with your brand design. Of course, it is also possible to make original products from candle molds.
【Collaboration with fishwife 2023 Autumn】
In collaboration with fishwife, a company that sells aesthetic canned goods, we created three colorful matte shell candles inspired by the shades of their fish cans and package designs. We also used Sea salt orchard for the fragrance, which is reminiscent of the sea. The package label is their original design.

【Collaboration with Susteau 2022 Spring】
Cloud-shaped candles in Pale Blue, Susteau's brand color, were made. For the fragrance, we used the same scent as the shampoo sold by Susteau.
【Collaboration with Madewell 2021 Winter】
The candles were made to match the color concept of Madewell's 2021 Holiday collection.

【Collaboration with Edy's Grocer 2021 Spring】
Edy's Grocer, a grocery store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We make Lemon shaped candle with original labels for Edy's Grocer. The lemon candles have been a huge hit and they've already restock our lemon candles over 6 times!